Two Meaningful, Helpful Gifts To Give Your Child On Their Wedding Day

When your child gets married, a chapter in your life closes and another one opens. This signifies a change in the relationship you'll have with your child. The help you offer them will have to be more in the form of adult-to-adult guidance and less in the form of parent-to-child suggestions as your child begins making decisions cooperatively with their spouse. To help ease into that transition and ensure your child builds a healthy relationship in their marriage, here are two meaningful gifts for your child's wedding.

Financial planning gift certificate

Financial problems destroy many marriages. Even if your adult child is good at handling money, making financial decisions collectively with their spouse is going to be a new skill that they'll have to adapt to. Having concrete financial goals to focus on will make it easier for your child and their spouse to work together and make wise spending and investment decisions. Giving them a gift certificate for a meeting with a financial planner will ensure they get off on the right foot and develop this plan, with the help of an expert, from the get-go.

Make sure you choose a financial planner who has experience working with young couples. To ensure your child and their spouse take this gift "the right way," include a note that says "Solid financial choices are key to a lasting marriage! We hope this sets you off on the right foot."

Mutual fund investments.

Most cash that your child receives on their wedding day will probably be put towards paying for the wedding, purchasing things for their new home, or enjoying their honeymoon. While these are worthy ways to enjoy money, it's important that your child and their spouse have something put away for the future, too. Set them up for future success by opening a mutual fund in their name. Some financial investment companies will let you open index fund accounts with $1,000 or even less. Explain to your child and their spouse that this money is meant to grow so that they can enjoy it even more in the future. You can suggest they earmark it for something specific -- like the expenses related to having their first child -- if you prefer.

By giving a meaningful financial wedding gift that will serve your child for years to come, you are continuing to assist your child and guide them as they enter adulthood and a new partnership.