A Few Wealth Management Tips For When You’re Getting Started In Life

If you're young, single, and barely making enough money to pay your rent, wealth management may be the last thing on your mind. However, your future self will thank you if you start saving early and learn how to manage your money well. Wealth management throughout your life is important for your retirement, but it is also important for keeping you free from financial stress and worry during all stages of your life. Read More 

Investing In Local Real Estate Through A Self-Directed IRA

Most individual retirement accounts are invested in relatively safe investments such as mutual funds, individual stocks, or long-term bonds. Some IRA owners, however, may prefer a greater degree of diversification in their investment portfolio. Individuals who are knowledgeable about their local real estate market may be able to safely own real estate in a self-directed IRA. The IRS does not specify the types of assets that can be included in an IRA. Read More 

Three Tips For Sound Financial Practices

To better manage and grow your income, you'll need to figure out a few very important words of advice. Following the right guidelines will help you to avoid overspending, in addition to finding ways to diversify your money for future security. The three tips below can be helpful if you are looking to be more conscious of your finances, so put them to use and find financial planning services that can assist you. Read More 

Two Meaningful, Helpful Gifts To Give Your Child On Their Wedding Day

When your child gets married, a chapter in your life closes and another one opens. This signifies a change in the relationship you'll have with your child. The help you offer them will have to be more in the form of adult-to-adult guidance and less in the form of parent-to-child suggestions as your child begins making decisions cooperatively with their spouse. To help ease into that transition and ensure your child builds a healthy relationship in their marriage, here are two meaningful gifts for your child's wedding. Read More 

Strategies For Getting More Returns With Less Risk

The stock market may be a traditionally good place to park some investments over the long term, but in the short term its volatility has been more than a bit of a turn-off to people getting closer to retirement age. But if you need to do some catching up -- maybe you lost a lot during the recession, or maybe your income just hasn't been very good until now -- you need to get better returns than just sitting on your money in a low-yield savings account. Read More