How To Establish A Clear Valuation For A Sports Team

Most people have a vague notion that the valuation of sports teams produces numbers that are high, especially for top-tier franchises in the biggest leagues, but the process of coming up with those figures is more involved than one might expect. It's normal for a franchise to bring in a sports advisory firm to help it come up with a number. Many big financial players are involved in the business, including the consulting firm KPMG and global banking giant Citi. Read More 

4 Situations That Benefit From The Advice Of A Financial Planner

For most adults, managing their money and reaching financial goals is a big priority. While there are some situations where a person can make decisions on their own, there are others that can greatly benefit from having the professional advice of financial planners. An experienced and reputable financial planner can be an excellent resource. You should consider hiring a financial planner in the following situations: Nearing Retirement People plan and save their entire adult life in order to fund their retirement. Read More