Myths Concerning Taking Out A Reverse Mortgage On Your Home

Reverse mortgages have witnessed a surge in popularity in recent years. While these mortgages can be a useful financial tool for many people, there is ample misinformation concerning these programs that can lead to individuals failing to make informed decisions about whether or not to take out one of these mortgages.

Myth: You Will Have To Make Monthly Payments On The Reverse Mortgage

There are some people that will assume that a reverse mortgage will have a series of monthly payments that have to be made. Actually, one of the greatest advantages of taking out a reverse mortgage is that you will not be required to make regular payments on this loan. Rather, the lender will be able to extract their repayment when the property is sold due to the recipient of the reverse mortgage moving out or passing away.

Myth: There Are No Requirements For Participating In A Reverse Mortgage Program

While reverse mortgages are an effective way of raising money against the equity you have built in your home, it is important to appreciate that there are some limits in place concerning those that can qualify for these programs. Typically, there will be age requirements for participating in this programs. This is due to the fact that elderly individuals will spend less time living in the house, which can allow the lender to recover their loan reasonably quickly. In addition to these age requirements, there will also be equity requirements that must be met before your application will be approved. These requirements will help to ensure that the originator of the reverse mortgage will be able to recover their loan after any other creditors for the property are repaid.

Myth: You Must Take Out A Reverse Mortgage For The Full Value Of The Property

It is a common assumption that an individual will be obligated to take out a loan on the full value of the property. While it is possible for individuals to use these loans to extract as close to the full value of their home as possible, it is also common for individuals to take out smaller reverse mortgages that are geared towards particular projects, such as making repairs or renovations to the house. There will be originating costs and other limiting factors when taking out these mortgages. As a result, you should carefully consider the amount that you will need so that you can avoid finding yourself needing to take out another mortgage to complete your project.

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